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Reach M+

RTK GNSS module for precise navigation and UAV mapping

Package Includes:

— Reach M+
— USB cable
— USB-OTG cable
— JST-GH 6-pin to jumper pin cable
— JST-GH 5-pin to jumper pin cable

$259,00 / R4 532,50 Excl Shipment

Reach M+ with Reach RS+

If you work within short baselines, then Reach M+ is an optimal choice.

RTK Up to 10 km

PPK Up to 20 km

Time to fix 1-2 min

Frequency bands Single-band


RTK positioning for navigation

Reach calculates real-time coordinates with centimeter accuracy and streams them in NMEA or binary format to your device over UART, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Download Reach M+ Specifications

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