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Reach RS+

RTK GNSS receiver with an app as a controller

Centimeter accuracy for surveying, mapping and data collection

Package includes:

— Reach RS+
— 1 Month Free Support
— Carry case with a strap
— Radio antenna
— Adapter for survey pole
— USB cable


Two receivers combined with the correct software are required for centimeter precision

Reach RS+ Complete Surveying Kit

What are the required operating conditions?
RTK positioning uses signals coming from space and Reach RS+ has to be placed outside with clear sky view. Highest precision is obtained in low multipath conditions and with calm ionosphere.

Can Reach RS+ act both as base station and rover?
Yes, it can work in base and rover modes simultaneously.

Does Reach RS+ work with Reach module?
They work perfectly together! Reach RS+ can be used as base station for Reach module installed in a drone.

Do I need 2 Reach RS+ units and how do they communicate?
Precise positioning is achieved by using two receivers. They could produce solution in real-time (RTK) or collect raw phase measurement data for post-processing (PPK). Only in the first case is constant communication between rover and base is required. You can use radio, Wi-Fi or internet connection depending on your usage scenario. Reach RS+ Complete Surveying Kit

Can I use it in pair with another RTK receiver?
Definitely! Thanks to the use of RTCM3 and RINEX formats Reach RS+ is compatible with existing RTK receivers from major brands, as well as with reference networks worldwide.

Will you continue supporting Reach RS and Reach?
Yes, Reach RS and Reach receivers will be getting software updates with improvements and new features together with the new models.

What is the maximum distance between base and rover units?
For solid performance in kinematic mode, we recommend separation distance (baseline) up to 10km and in static mode, up to 20km. Baseline could be increased even further depending on local conditions.

How many rovers can I use with one base station?
Corrections from the Reach RS+ configured as a base can be broadcasted to an unlimited number of rovers.

Is Reach RS+ compatible with Reach RS?
Yes, they are fully interoperable. You can have a fleet of mixed devices and use them in any combination you need.